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Tatyana Shahunova

You can get cool photos with me. Together we will collect rewards for them.


You can get many nice photos with my help and we will get the best prize.

I work with such editions as “Wedding Magazine” and “Mywed”. Over the past three years, I have taken pictures not only in Russia, but also abroad. I have made photos in America, France, Italy, Spain and Greece. I can suggest new ways to do cool pictures of your big deal. Together we can make incredible memories.


I have seven serious awards and hundreds of friends who once were beautiful newlyweds. And I was their photographer. How do I do my work? With great pleasure and LOVE.


Photography is my profession for many years. All the time I learn something new and even have an opportunity to teach other people.


Men say I have special charisma, but I say it is an ability to communicate with everyone. I can make an unforgettable photo of your grandparents, relatives and guests. Experience shows that people at the wedding like two things: congratulations of newlyweds and posing me. Call me and check it.

Wedding photographer






Are you looking for an emotional wedding photo of your love holiday?



2019 Winner of the Wedding Awards Yug "Best Design for Wedding Specialists"

2018 Winner of Wedding Awards Yug
2018 MYWED AWARD Finalist
2017 Wedding Magazine
2017 Award for contribution to the development of the wedding industry for the Svyaz project
2017 Social experiment photo and video installation "Communication"
2016 Fearless collection 32.33
2016 Finalist of the "Southern Federal District Event" award in the category "Best wedding awards" ceremony
2015 Laureate of the Wedding Award 2015 "For the innovation of wedding projects and the development of wedding photography as a genre"

October 2014 - international photo exhibition BICFP ROMA EXPO'14 (Rome, Italy)

November 2014 - Winner of the WEDLIFE AWARDS 2014 Award in the Emotions nomination


Participation in exhibitions:
July 2009 - Seliger ARTPARAD (Tver Oblast) Project “Initiation”
2009 November - et cetera (Krasnodar) Project "Initiation", Project "Lost Souls"
2009 November- 1 Photobiennale of Contemporary Art (Russian Museum St. Petersburg) Project “Initiation” and “Package”
2010 June - Southern Biennale of Contemporary Art (Rostov-on-Don) Video art "Looking for a sponsor", "Good night, kids"
2010 July- Seliger Artparad (Tver Oblast) - organizer of the gallery of the Unconquered (St. Petersburg) Project “Lost Souls”
2010-October - photovisa 2 international festival of photography the exhibition of young photographers of Krasnodar “New Look” - Video art “Looking for a sponsor”, Video art “Good night, kids”
2012 spring - wedding exhibition "Pro-wedding"
2012 summer - 1st place in the exhibition "Custom wedding photography"
2013 winter - personal exhibition of romantic photos Love Actually
November 2013 - exhibition "with mother's milk"
October 2014 - international photo exhibition BICFP ROMA EXPO'14 (Rome, Italy)
November 2014 - Winner of the WEDLIFE AWARDS 2014 in the Emotion nomination)

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