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We had two wedding dresses, two hairstyles and two different make-ups. Calm down, the Bride and the Groom were in the single copy.



This wedding lasted forty eight hours and I had a great number of creative ideas in my head. The dream of any photographer is a two day wedding. You can change the Brides images and make photos without style reference to the classical wedding dress. Hands free-fantasize and pose.

The first day we made pictures in vintage style. They were gorgeous, elegant and sensitive. The dress, the make-up and the hairstyle were selected according to the main idea.

The second day was classical. The Bride was in the classical dress too. Everything was classical. Pictures were really amazing.

The emphasis was made on emotions and significant moments of this day.

As a result we managed to demonstrate the characters and mood of the couple through my photos. George and Anastasia are fantastic guys.